Big vase

€ 650,00
Big ceramic vase


Green big ceramic vase.

Wonderful ceramic vase made in Italy.

In a beautiful contrast of fantasy and colors.

Are leaves, fishes and winged animals.

Unique piece made and hand painted by italian artisans.

Take art to your homes. True excellence of made in Italy.

It can be used as a complement of furniture, large vase. Our ceramics are hand made, any imperfections is to be considered one merit, as they demonstrate the authenticity of artisans.

Product details:

  • Green big vase
  • Finisches in green colors
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Made and hand painted
  • Diameter cm.40
  • Height cm.50



Capacity 5 Kg
Color Black, Brown, Red,
Water Resistant Yes
Material Artificial Leather

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