Big vase

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Big ceramic vase

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Big ceramic vase.

Wonderful ceramic vase made in Italy.

The craftsmanship by artisan who made it, is evident in every detail.

The drawings made entirely by hand on the entire surface, make this jar a real artistic masterpiece.

Poseidon and horses on one side, the sailing ship on the other, beautiful colors, the features and the grandeur, make this jar one of a kind.

A piece of furnitire that embellishes your home, because you will have purchased a work of art.

True excellence of made in Italy.

Our ceramics are hand made, any inperfections is to be considered one merit,as they demonstrate the authenticity of artisans. 

Product details:

  • Ceramic big vase with sailing ship
  • Finisches with vivid and bright colors
  • Made n Italy
  • 100% made and hand painted
  • Diameter cm 53
  • Height cm 62



Capacity 5 Kg
Color Black, Brown, Red,
Water Resistant Yes
Material Artificial Leather

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