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Italian Excellence
Anfora Ceramics Art

Made in Italy has always ensured the high quality of products, hand made ceramics, home decorations and their processing, in every product sector.


The raw materials, the style, the design, the manufacturing and the refined craftsmanship of our craftsmen make every single item unique and exclusive and guarantee its absolute prestige.


Any imperfections denote its originality.


Our history

The Cosentino family opened the ANFORA shop in 1994 to convey their deep Capri roots through hand made anfora ceramics .The intensity of the colors and the particularity of the design and shapes of their products, in fact, evoke the aromas and flavors of the Blue Island. Enrico and Maurizio continue the tradition today, guaranteeing originality through careful research into the creation of objects. The variety of their ceramics ranges from furnishing accessories to everything that embellishes the table, a vast choice of bowls, plates, serving trays, cups, oil cruets and above all unique pieces, expertly made and painted by hand, with non-toxic colors and for food, dishwasher safe, all strictly Made in Italy.


The vast exhibition and explosion of colors captures the attention of visitors from all over the world, who have the opportunity to bring them personally into their homes
or through the Online Shop, a piece of history and magic of Capri, 'Queen of Rock'.

​Anfora Capri was born for one purpose:

offer the services of a high-quality, intelligent and reliable online store. We have strived for excellence since day one and will continue to do so. We know that every item is important and we strive to make your entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check for yourself!

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